Introducing Doxa Watches

Introducing Doxa Watches

Everyone has heard of Rolex. But how many people have heard of Doxa watches? Probably not many.

Imagine the euphoric feeling when we, at Watch Care, first discovered Doxa watches. We were intrigued by their long-standing history of watchmaking, their widely adopted diving watches by professional and casual divers, and the robustness and reliability of it. Oh, did we mention bonus points for affordability and the different colorful dial variations?

Introducing Doxa watches...

In 1964, then Head of Product Development at Doxa, Urs Eschle, wanted to bring precision watchmaking to divers all around the world and he formed a team which comprised of professional divers like Claude Wesly and inventor of Aqua-Lung (more on that in another series) Jacques-Yves Cousteau to provide input on what constitute a solid dive watch, that can withstand the test of time and pressure. 

After three years of R&D and in 1967, the first Doxa Sub 300T was born. And the rest is history they said. 

Doxa posters in the past, courtesy of Doxa.

Doxa is well known by collectors and enthusiasts for its famed orange dial, its oversized casing, and its distinct rotating bezel. Made in Switzerland, it has set the highest standards for itself to ensure absolute accuracy of its watches. Over time, it has pushed boundaries and created other lines of watches such as the Sub 1500T and Sub 4000T, and also Carbon series watches. 

The Doxa Sub 300T features a double-scale no-decompression which is able to indicate the elapsed time (inner bezel) and maximum time at depth for ascending without decompression (outer bezel). Original image courtesy of Time and Tide.

At Watch Care, the first line of Doxa watches to be sold is the Doxa Sub 200. Simply because it is timeless, elegant, affordable, yet slightly under the radar. Only true watch aficionados will know of it. The beads of rice bracelet is such a joy to wear, and surprisingly comfortable on the wrist. This is clearly a sports watch for less. 

Doxa Sub 200 Line. Image courtesy of Monochrome Watches.

For SGD 1,750, this is a clear value proposition and what you're getting are the essentials of a good dive watch such as highest-quality 316L stainless steel, scratch-resistant Sapphire crystal glass, screw-down crown, and Super-LumiNova® luminescent coating.

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