Three Back-to-Office Essentials That You Need

Three Back-to-Office Essentials That You Need

With the COVID-19 pandemic stretching for over two years and work from home being the default previously, most companies are slowly requesting for their employees to return back to office. 

Some may look forward to seeing friends and colleagues at the workplace again, while others may feel anxious over returning.

We believe that preparing yourself mentally, getting dressed right, and having the appropriate office essentials will alleviate some of the anxiety. 

Below are three back-to-office essentials that will make you feel at ease about returning to the workplace.

1. Doxa Sub 200 watches

Want to stand out from the crowd where majority of the population wears a Seiko, Tag Heuer or Tissot? Give Doxa watches a try. Doxa watches have a rich and long history of watchmaking and they are famed for their dive watches. The Doxa Sub 200 line of watches are sure to give you the best bang for your buck. They are swiss made, have all the features of a dive watch, and will look good under a dress shirt or a blazer. With numerous dial colours to choose from, you are spoiled for choices. Choose one which best suits your personality and differentiate yourself from your counterparts. Show your colleagues that you know your watches. 

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2. Embassy Pens

Whether you're an executive or a newly joined analyst in your firm, a good pen can alter the perceived image of you (for the better of course). You will be viewed by your peers and superiors that you are not someone who mess around as you dress well and know your stuff. You will portray to others that you have a keen eye of fine goods, and these Embassy Pens bring out that point. Bring this along to the corporate board room or in meetings and you'll be sure to impress the people around you. These Embassy Pens come in a range of materials such as Titanium, Brass or Aluminum, and you can match it with your watch and cufflinks. As the saying goes, the pen is mightier than the sword! 

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3. WristClean Premium Leather 1-Watch Roll


Lastly, if you are a frequent traveler or if you are the type who are afraid of your watches desk diving, then this high quality, WristClean genuine leather 1-watch roll is for you. Store your watches when they are not in use and be assured that they will be well protected, free from scratches. Also, as with all genuine leather, this watch roll is bound to give you a nice patina over time.

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