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County Comm

EMBASSY Pen in Aluminium (Black)

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Pen collecting and watch collecting have a ton in common. It is personal, emotional, and highly subjective.

This EMBASSY Pen in Aluminium (Black) is a Limited 30th Anniversary Pen, which could very well be the one and only pen that you’ll carry around. It is sturdy, robust, and lasts a lifetime.

Embassy pens have a feature where it does not allow the pen cap to cover the body of the pen, citing reasons that “it may be lost” but the actual reason remains unknown.

Embassy pens also have a great writing experience, and will surely turn heads when you are the one holding them. It also doubles up as a defensive device, which could very well knock out an assailant at a precise pressure point.

A brief story about Embassy Pens - they were originally designed for government and military use (just look at the design and robustness of those pens!).

These pens are individually numbered and limited in production. Made in the USA.