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Horofix Generic Rolex 2100 Type Bracelet Adjusting Tool

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For all Rolex collectors and lovers, this Horofix Generic Rolex 2100 Type Bracelet Adjusting Tool is a necessity for you. 

This portable, compact, and robust hollow ground screwdriver was designed for adjusting Rolex oyster and jubilee bracelets. It has a barrel grip for better handling and increased torque when removing or inserting screws. 

The manufacturer has ensured that the blade and tip are sized to match the original, now discountinued, Rolex Tool 2100. 

It comes with the following 2 reversible blades:

  • The straight screwdriver tips are 1.7mm and 1.3mm to size oyster bracelets and jubilee bracelets respectively
  • The pointed tip has a 1mm fork end and a 0.9mm round tip

The straight screwdriver tip fits Rolex bracelet screws while the pointed tip is used for spring bar removal through the lug hole.

Other specifications:

  • Compact size, 3" length (~7.6cm)
  • Reversible blades: straight "T" (hollow ground) style are 1.7mm and 1.3mm; 1.0mm fork and .90mm point tip
  • Premium quality aluminum body
  • Steel tips
  • Colour may vary (eg. green, black or silver)