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Horofix Premium Watch Bracelet Adjusting Screwdriver

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For all watch enthusiasts who are looking to size bracelets on their own, try out this Horofix Premium Watch Bracelet Adjusting Screwdriver

This sturdy, wide-body, hollow ground screwdriver comes with 3 most common sized blades for adjusting bracelets, 1.20mm, 1.40mm, 1.60mm, which can be used on most brands. This hollow ground screwdriver has a flat head and fits better than wedge tip screwdrivers, preventing slippage and reduces the risk of scratching your watch and watch links. 

The Horofix Premium Watch Bracelet Adjusting Screwdriver is made of aluminium body and has an ergonomic design with knurled handle for better gripping. Blades are embedded within the screw head at the end.


  • 5" length (~12.7cm)
  • 3 blades of size 1.20mm, 1.40mm, and 1.60mm included
  • Aluminum handle with hardened steel blades
  • Able to adjust bracelets of most watch brands including Doxa Watches