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Watch Care by Vincent

Investing in Wristwatches: Rolex

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Our founder has worked in Private Equity and Asset Management firms where investing plays a huge part of his life. Investing in watches or alternative investments follows largely the same concept. Hence, this book, Investing in Wristwatches: Rolex, sheds more light on how to invest in watches.

Why do we collect? For some, it is a pursuit of pure passion - those who appreciate the wristwatch as an artform: the intricacy of its mechanics, the finesse of its form. Yet for others, collecting is an investment, and a watch's value is of as much importance as its appearance. All collectors ought to have a guide to models and market value. Investing in Wristwatches: Rolex offers detailed insights into the world of authenticating and pricing high-value wristwatches, which will be of use to collectors from amateur to connoisseur.

This publication includes the vast majority of key Rolex models, along with their relevant auction results. The timepieces featured have been carefully selected by Senior Horological Expert, Osvaldo Patrizzi. These wristwatches excel for a diverse range of reasons, including technical excellence, auction records, design and anecdotal history. A description of each watch is accompanied by its picture, reference and sales values (rights included).

A comparative analysis of auction results, compiled through close collaboration with the Sotheby's auction house, shows, by brand and timepiece, the evolution of prices over time, leading from the Eighties up to the present day. A system to calculate the currency exchange rate at the time of auction sales will also be included in this vital work of reference.