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Max Wilsdorf

Max Wilsdorf Premier ChronoPen and Polishing Towel

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The Swiss are well known for their innovative and high-quality products. It is no surprise why most of the top watch brands such as Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Rolex are manufactured in Switzerland. 

The team at Max Wilsdorf saw a gap in the luxury watch market that no ever integrated watch cleaner was made. Hence, they thought of an ingenious idea and created the Max Wilsdorf Premier ChronoPen and Polishing Towel, dubbed the smartest watcher cleaner ever. 

Watches, just like cars, must be regularly maintained to prolong their lifespan of it. Plain soap and water will not completely remove dirt, grime, and body oil. This is where Max Wilsdorf Premier ChronoPen and Polishing Towel come into play.

This Swiss Made watch cleaning pen includes 30ml of a specifically developed cleaning solution and an extra-fine brush head, guarantee to effectively clean your watch and ensure that no hairline scratches will form on it. The unique, integrated handheld design allows you to carry everywhere you go and clean your beloved timepiece gently. An extra thick polishing towel is included as well. 


  • 30ml Swiss Made watch cleaning solution
  • Soft brush head with extra-fine bristles, ideal to access even difficult areas of case and bracelet
  • Ideal for stainless steel, gold, platinum, bronze, carbon fibre, ceramic as well as other parts made of sapphire crystal, diamonds and rubber
  • Does not contain any aggressive chemicals or abrasives
  • Allows for up to 60 uses

Polishing Towel:

  • Dual-purpose towel, white side for drying and black side for polishing
  • 100% natural cotton, extra thick for maximum absorption
  • Size is 30x30 cm

Additional tips:

  • Always ensure that your watch is water-resistant and that the crown is screwed down tightly to prevent any water from accidentally leaking in
  • For optimum results, dry and polish your watch with the included towel after using the ChronoPen
  • Please also note that the ChronoPen is not suitable for leather straps

Direction of use:

  1. Pump holding brush up
  2. Brush in a circular motion
  3. Rinse under water
  4. Polish or dry, and ready to go

Watch Care SG is proud to be the first in Asia to distribute Max Wilsdorf Premier ChronoPen and Polishing Towel.