How to Size a Doxa Bracelet (with Video)

How to Size a Doxa Bracelet (with Video)

Doxa's beads of rice bracelets are notoriously difficult to size. This is well-known across watch forums, and even Doxa enthusiasts alike. Some even mentioned that they damaged the bracelet and the screw head during the process.

We searched extensively on Google and Youtube but couldn't find a dedicated sizing guide on adjusting Doxa's beads of rice bracelets, and hence we created one. 

Items used during the bracelet sizing process include:

  • Hairdryer
  • Hollow Ground Screwdriver
  • Tweezers
  • Watch Band Holder
  • Micro-Fiber Cloth

First things first, we reached out to Doxa's Customer Service Team for some advice on the proper way to do it, and below is what they shared with us. 

Correspondence with Doxa's Customer Service Team. 

Step 1

As the screws within the bracelet are held firmly with loctite, it is recommended to heat up both sides of the bracelet using a hairdryer for 20 to 30 seconds to soften it first. Once the loctite is soften, you can proceed to Step 2. Please always remember to do this step or else you may encounter difficulties in removing the links.

Step 2

Next, the type of screwdriver that you use is very important as the right tools will make adjusting the Doxa bracelet a breeze. 

For Doxa bracelets, we recommend using a hollow ground screwdriver as opposed to a wedge tip one, as the hollow ground screwdriver will fit it to a T ("literally as it is shaped like a T"). 


Illustration of using a hollow ground screwdriver vs using a wedge tip screwdriver. 

Then, use a watch band holder to securely hold the Doxa's beads of rice bracelet. We recommend placing a micro-fiber cloth within the watch band holder to prevent scratches on your bracelet and links.

Step 3

Slowly unscrew the link using the hollow ground screwdriver and carefully remove the link with a tweezers.

Step 4:

Repeat on the other size of the bracelet until the desired sizing.

And there you have it! A perfectly sized Doxa's beads of rice bracelet.

We have also created a short video below detailing the process so that you can see how it is done.

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